Ekfrassis undertakes the production of audiovisual material of classical repertoire (CDs, DVDs, etc.)

hEre nOw theN

The 8-string guitarist Giorgos Tabakis presents a 10 track album "hEre nOw theN" fascinated with jazz, celestial folk and progressive fusion; each listen offers something completely new.

  • Music George Tabakis
  • Recodring,mixing,mastering: 

Available in selected record stores-bookstores


Dual Nature: Live Sessions

               November 2020. Our new CD "Dual Nature", Giorgos Tabakis Rebecca Trescher, produced by Mousiki Efraxis. In a short time, this CD is voted among the best Jazz CDs in a worldwide competition!

8 strings Guitarist George Tabakis presents:

  • Music George Tabakis
  • Recodring,mixing,mastering: 

Κυκλοφορεί σε επιλεγμένα δισκοπωλεία-βιβλιοπωλεία.


Time Exercises


Artist Name: Athanasios Koumenteris

Κυκλοφορεί σε επιλεγμένα δισκοπωλεία-βιβλιοπωλεία.



Inter Μundos-Giorgos Tabakis Trio

  • Music George Tabakis
  • Recodring,mixing,mastering: Ekfrassis Productions

Available in selected record stores-bookstores

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Inter-Mundos-Giorgos-Tabakis-Trio/dp/B00ZG4QQ30



  • Music George Tabakis
  • Recodring,mixing,mastering: Ekfrassis Productions

Available in selected record stores-bookstores

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Viewpoint-Giorgos-Tabakis/dp/B01N3W8Q2Q

Guitarte Ensemble: Traces

  • Music Manos Hadjidakis, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ioannis Angelakis
  • Recodring,mixing,mastering: Public Domain Johann Sebastian Bach,Ioannis Angelakis, Seed Point Music Publishing

Available in selected record stores-bookstores


Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Traces-Guitarte-Ensemble/dp/B00YCW9T04

Audio CD Modern-e- Quartet Voluntary Electrocution

#1. Voluntary Electrocution
#2. e-Day
#3. Folkloric Acid
#4. Lament
#5. Black Star
#6. Sail your red ship
#7. Regular Irregularity
#8. Rachel Corries journey

A new production CD is released in mid-January. The electric string quartet Modern-e-Quartet performs unique works for electric string quartet and pre-recorded sounds, written especially for them. The compositions included are by Athens Arts Enseble,Costas Eliades,George Xatzimechelakis,Paul Evernden, Konstantinos Katomeris, Fani Kosona, Marios Tsagkaris and Spyros Makarounas. The contemporary problems of man, both individual and social, and the political position of the creators form a specific character in the whole production despite the diversity of styles.

Voluntary Electrocution is available at the following bookstores and record stores: Dokimakis, Papagrigoriou-Nakas, Club of the Disc, Mousiki Prosfora

You can also buy it digitally: iTunes,AmazonRhapsodyNapster

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Voluntary-Electrocution-Modern-Quartet/dp/B003H8F4OE


Ένα από τα έργα του νέου CD του Modern-e-Quartet Voluntary Electrocution.Black Star Κωνσταντίνος Κατωμέρης
Videoart Κώστας Αναστασόπουλος


  • Modern-e- Quartet
    Κώστας Αναστασόπουλος βιολί Ι
    Στέλλα Καρυτινού βιολί ΙΙ
    Μάριος Δαπέργολας βιόλα
    Christopher Humphrys τσέλο
  • Recording, Mixing
    Κώστας Μπώκος
    Studio 19
  • Music: Costas Eliades
  • Photography: Jonnek Jonneksson

Colourful Songs

Παραγωγή του CD για παιδιά “Χρωματιστά Τραγούδια”

You can listen to excerpts from the songs below.The Colorful Songs can be found in the following bookstores and record stores

Χρωματιστά Τραγούδια #3. Τσαφ Τσουφ

Χρωματιστά Τραγούδια #10. Ήταν ένας γάιδαρος

Χρωματιστά Τραγούδια #11. Η Γιαγιά μας η καλή

Production of an educational application for children "Discover the Orchestra"

Αριστοφάνης Junior

The music from the homonymous play for children is released on CD.

  • Music Ν. Χατζηελευθερίου
  • Texts-Lyrics Μαρία Σκούπα, βασισμένα στα έργα “Αχαρνής και Όρνιθες”.
  • Orchestration-musical direction: Ν. Χατζηελευθερίου
  • The songs are performed by Anna Sartsidou
  • Musical Performance: Guitarte ensemble – Ν. Χατζηελευθερίου, Χρήστος Φάκλαρης, Φραγκούλης Καραγιαννόπουλος (κιθάρα), ΆνναΣαρζίδου (κρουστά,) Αναστασία Μηλιώρη (βιολί), Πάρης Μαμμάς (κλαρίνο), www.guitarte.gr
  • Participating: Ειρήνη Μπιλίνη (βιολί), Δημήτρης Λάλος (φωνητικά) και η παιδική χορωδία Pizzicati του Δημοτικού Ωδείου Μοσχάτου-Ταύρου (Δ/νση Όλγα Αλεξοπούλου)
  • Recodring,mixing,mastering: Studio 19 – Athens, Κώστας Μπώκος, www.studio19st.com

Available in selected record stores-bookstores


Vertigo- G.A Bécquer

Ekfrassis, again in quarantine creates a video dedicated to the poet G.A. Bécquer. It supports the initiative of a group of artists to bring the work of G.A. Bécquer in contact with the reading and literary public in Greece. The publication of the CD Vertigo by Ekfrassis , with poems by Bécquer, set to music by Nikos Hadjiefthertheriou, helps the reader to get to know the poet-founder of modern Spanish poetry G.A. Bécquer. 

  • Music  Νίκος Χατζηελευθερίου
  • Poetic Performance: Περουλής Σακελλαρίδης
  • Song: Χριστίνα Πουπάλου, Δημήτρης Βουτσάς

Available in selected record stores-bookstores