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Ekfrassis offers integrated services for the organization and promotion of a variety of artistic activities. More specifically, the company undertakes: Production of audiovisual material of classical repertoire (CDs, DVDs, etc.) Organization of classical music concerts, Support of third party music productions, Support in obtaining grants for cultural programs Organization of concerts, music and dance and theatrical performances, as well as speech and art events Production of radio...


During its operation Ekfrassis has undertaken and successfully carried out the following artistic events:


Ekfrassis undertakes the production of audiovisual material of classical repertoire (CDs, DVDs, etc.)

About us

Ekfrassis productions is a civil non-profit company of musical productions. It was founded in 2004 with the objectives of educating young people in music, supporting and promoting young talented musicians and creating artistic groups. It is active in the organization of classical music concerts, music-theatrical performances, art and speech events, the production of audiovisual material of classical repertoire, the support of musical productions of young artists as well as the organization of seminars and music camps which aim at bringing young musicians in contact with the Orchestra and their participation in it either as members or as soloists.

The Underground Youth Orchestra